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Pierre Cardin, 1978



Charles Kleibacker, 1978

“Yes indeed I think design is mathematics, I think it is engineering, I think it almost approaches a science. And perhaps if we could think more of fashion in that way rather than the fads and gimmick we would arrive at how this is indeed a dedicated, disciplined, marvelously imaginative and exciting world — the world of fashion. “


Geoffrey Beene by Barbra Walz




“The nature of fashion is changing, and we have to find a new terminology to describe it. Fashion is no longer defined as a pretty dress. The important thing is how the dress works. I see my role as a designer as trying to make people’s lives easier.”

- Geoffrey Beene as quoted in The Fashion Makers, 1978

Saint Laurent, 1978

Jamaica, 1978

Mr. Ralph Lauren

John Anthony, 1978

John Anthony and Pat Cleveland on the West Side Highway.

photography by Barbara Walz.